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Breitbart: European Court Orders Turkey to Release Kurdish Party Leader Selahattin Demirtas

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FacebookLeave and Google have also discovered poor of hackers using technology platforms to life cyberattacks targeting the spelling elections. In the last two writers, around the world, general news has have come close to improving, while markets for business journalism have affected. Facebook has “tentatively” concluded that spammers pretending to be a digital marketing firm are responsible for the biggest hack in the company’s history, according to a report in The Wall.

The report also said it's likely a fraction of what Google gets out of the deal. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Facebook has found no evidence that hackers accessed third-party applications by using user login information during the recent security attack that affected 50 million accounts, Product Management Vice President Guy Rosen said in a press release.

Africa Business Report is back on your screens this weekend on BBC World News. Presenter Komla Dumor is in Lagos, Nigeria. We talk to the MD of one of the young tigers of Africa. Kenya police bust ring of hackers in multimillion-shilling KRA, bank thefts.

Hackers Demand $3 Million in Bitcoin From Malaysian Media Giant

East Africa lacks enough experts to fight cybercrime — report. Firms not investing enough funds to contain cyber-attacks. 4 Business East Africa inches closer to pension transfers.

The Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) has warned public and private institutions about cyber attacks and urged them to protect their networks. The head of Cyber Security at LIBTELCO, Al-Hassan Sheriff, who spoke at the opening of a three-day national cyber security training yesterday said the use of cyber security to minimize technological threat cannot be.

Africa business report facebook hackers
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