Are labels good for kids

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Personalised Name Labels

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Personalised Labels for Kids

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Personalised Name Labels

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Choose IdentaMe Labels for custom labels that work on clothing and hard surfaces! They can be printed with your name, and work for camping gear, children's clothing, and more. Once our vinyl labels are placed, they stay stuck.

Let us help you design your own custom labels. “ADHD”, “disruptive”, “behavioural difficulties”: labels like these are applied daily to our children.

But there is a growing concern amongst. Here's a printable of the labels. (I think I have it set up correctly so if you just click on the image below, you'll have the printable PDF, but let me know if you run into any problems.). Give, by Zappos for Good has partnered with Kids In Need Foundation, a non-profit, that helps to inspire effective learning and education, by providing kids.

Kids Labels and Baby Labels Personalized Labels and Name Labels.

Personalised Labels for Kids

Our personalized name labels are simply, in our opinion, the best for your baby or kids. The name labels are personalized for you and offer extraordinary performance.

Personalised Kids Name Labels by Stuck on You Are labels good for kids
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Labelling kids: the good, the bad and the ADHD