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Botswana to ban hunting over wildlife species decline

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Africa highlights: Africans blast Trump's vulgar jibe, Senegal hunts loggers' killers

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A South African court has heard startling details about the kidnapping of a British couple in KwaZulu-Natal province by people suspected to have links with the Islamic State militant group. Botswana, one of Africa's most stable countries, is the continent's longest continuous multi-party democracy.

It is relatively free of corruption and has a good human rights record. Sparsely. The economy of South Africa is the second largest in Africa, after Nigeria. It is one of most industrialized countries in Africa. South Africa is an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank – one of only four such countries in Africa (alongside Botswana, Gabon and Mauritius).

Sinceat the end of over twelve years of international sanctions, South Africa's Gross Domestic Product. Africa highlights: Africans blast Trump's vulgar jibe, Senegal hunts loggers' killers Play audio BBC World Service Africa Audio.

Botswana will ban commercial hunting from January over growing concerns about the sharp decline in wildlife species, officials have announced.

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Bbc africa business report botswana
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