Chemosynthesis usgs

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Hydrothermal vent

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Community (ecology)

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Ocean basin

The Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP) is an extremely important component of the Geologic Division (GD) of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). It conducts research and provides data on the critical interface between land and sea and on the continental margins out to the limit of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Isotopic analyses of authigenic carbonates and methanotrophic deep-sea mussels, Bathymodiolus sp., was performed on samples collected from seep fields in the Baltimore and Norfolk Canyons on the north Atlantic margin.

Samples were collected using remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) during three different research cruises in, and For the purposes of this article, microbes that gain energy through chemosynthesis and fix inorganic carbon are chemolithoautotrophs (literally “self-feeding rock-eaters”), and energy is gained by transferring electrons from one chemical (electron donor) to another (electron acceptor).

Typically, chemolithoautotrophs use compounds present in rocks or groundwater. Scientists on a research mission sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have found what could be the U.S.

Atlantic Coast's. Research Oceanographer: U.S. Geological Survey Cold seeps, which are locations where chemicals -- including methane and other hydrocarbons, brine, hydrogen sulfide, and sometimes carbon dioxide--leak from the seafloor, occur worldwide on both passive and tectonically-active continental margins.

Image appears courtesy of the Deepwater Canyons expedition, NOAA, USGS and BOEM. A Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, stops by for a visit during one of the dives of the Pathways to the Abyss cruise.

Chemosynthesis usgs
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Hydrothermal Vent Communities