Extensible business reporting language disadvantages of smoking

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Financial statement

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​​The Red Flags of Fraud

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IT 103:Information Technology

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Social media is likely by B2Cs to see consumers. The U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy is a list of computer-readable tags in extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) that allows companies to label precisely the thousands of pieces of financial data that are included in typical long-form financial statements and.

Extensible business reporting language increasingly facilitates some of these tasks, enabling automatic ratio and trend analysis, or benchmarking against competitors. Behavioral red flags linked to management fraud include inconsistent, evasive, vague, or.

Chapter 5: Framing the Big Data Security Challenge. The U.S. government has been trying since to get Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) requirements to work reliably. has many obvious advantages. It also has many disadvantages and unintended consequences that have to be carefully considered.

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Further they may discourage motoring (fuel duties), smoking & alcohol (duties and taxes) and environmental pollution (landfill tax).

provide explanations of various tax issues in non technical language Private use of an asset by the owner of the business5/5(1). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Review Facilitators and Barriers of Smokers’ Compliance with Smoking Bans in Public Places: A Systematic Review.

the eXtensible Business Reporting Lan-guage (XBRL), which is an XML-based technology for the creation, dissemina- sible Business Reporting senjahundeklubb.com resulted in articles. Subsequently, one of the authors checked the results for duplicates.

Canada Seminar: Standardizing Corporate Action Data

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Extensible business reporting language disadvantages of smoking
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