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Global business travel expected to grow in 2018: report

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Through the Global Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum quantifies the magnitude of gender disparities and tracks their progress over time, with a specific focus on the relative gaps between women and men across four key areas: health, education, economy and Report covers countries.

More than a decade of data has revealed that progress is still too slow for. Global Banking and Markets. HSBC Global Banking and Markets provides financial services and products to corporates, governments and institutions.

See the US News ranking for the top universities in the world. The Best Global Universities list includes schools from the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and more.

Global The world’s largest companies generated $30 trillion in revenues and $ trillion in profits in Together, this year’s Fortune Global companies employ million. Dec 02,  · Executive Summary. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks report is based on a survey of experts from industry, government, academia and civil society that examines 50 global risks across five categories.

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The report emphasizes the singular effect of a particular constellation of global risks rather than focusing on a single existential risk.

Vodafone’s digital communications solutions for business cover IoT, cloud, hosting, mobile communications, fixed communications, unified communications as well as carrier wholesale. We are the world's largest IoT service provider and mobile voice provider.

Global business report
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