How gender impacts on drug use

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Does Race Gender or Ethnicity Determine Drug Use

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Substance Use in Women

The study of how gender influences drug addiction is relatively new. As Tammy L. Anderson, PhD, points out in Drug Use and Gender, male drug abuse set the standard for addiction studies until the that time, researchers began to investigate the specific ways that drug abuse affected females/5(61).

The effects of alcohol can be magnified by the use of drugs such as antihistamines, sleeping pills, pain medications, and antidepressants. Approximately over-the-counter and prescription drugs interact adversely with alcohol and can lead to illness or death. This study investigated the impact of drug use on employment over 20 years among men and women, utilizing data on 7, participants in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

Does Race Gender or Ethnicity Determine Drug Use To a large degree, perceptions of drug use and addiction can be affected by racial stereotypes. These types of stereotypes have long been perpetuated, to the effect that people of certain races or ethnic backgrounds are more likely to use drugs than others.

A GENDER PERSPECTIVE ON THE IMPACT OF DRUG USE, THE DRUG TRADE, AND DRUG CONTROL REGIMES UN WOMEN POLICY BRIEF JULY PURPOSE This summary note outlines how the world drug problem and drug control regimes intersect with gender equality and. - Discuss effects of gender-based violence on women, women’s families, perpetrators, and society as a whole.

Race & Prisons

- Identify integrated social responses to gender-based violence.

How gender impacts on drug use
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Effects of Age and Gender on Perceptions of Older Adults