Is man good or evil

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Good and evil

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Why Would a Good God Allow Evil to Exist?

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Nov 17,  · If evil or evil actions are not found in seeking the true good and God ultimately is the source of all truth, He himself must be the good and can not be a source of or even be present in the action of seeking a false good (in reality an evil) because evil is a creation of humans succumbing to temptation with God tolerating their freedom to.

Man in itself is born neither good nor evil, nurture and circumstance is what drives someone to swing either way. Sure, some of it may be down to your DNA, some people may be more likely to become evil than good, but in honesty, it's mainly down to the live that person has lived.

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Man also has an evil nature, and this leads him to do wrong. The Bible explains that this evil nature comes from Satan’s corruption and is a result of the fall of man (Genesis ).

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Is man good or evil
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