Treaty versailles had some good points but they were overs

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The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles

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Treaty of Versailles

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Which WWI peace treaty was harsher?Versailles or Brest-Litovsk?

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The ultimate provisions of Versailles, which were formed to eliminate Germany as a metaphor to European security, proved to have no opinions. They did not feel that they were responsible for starting the war nor did they feel as though they had lost.

The German people had understood the negotiations at Versailles to. Germany was once again humiliated over the amount of power that the allies had over them. They were unable to defend themselves, which made them feel vulnerable.

This was the first point that Hitler smashed in his rise to power, which shows the effect it had on the German mindset. The Treaty of Versailles was supposed to ensure that Germany was responsible for the war, but not by forcing them to pay $ billion, take away a lot of their land, greatly weakening their military etc.

The argument is whether the Treaty of Versailles was JUSTIFIED, not whether Germany would have done the. Thesis: The Treaty of Versailles, which was the official end of World War I, was the main cause that led to World War II.

World War II, one of the greatest conflicts of all time, had many different aspects that led to its beginning. The signing of the Treaty of Versailles marked the end of World War. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles (see above) dictated by the Allies, Germany had to accept responsibility for the war.

This gave the Allies the right to confiscate e German land, and to make huge cuts in the German army, navy and air force. The 14 Points. The Fourteen Points was a speech delivered to Congress by US Pres. on January 8, It was intended to reassure Americans that the war had a moral purpose.

Wilson did not consult with his European allies. Br. & Fr. leaders were not fans of the 14 points.

Treaty versailles had some good points but they were overs
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