Wrongful termination

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Wrongful Termination: Was Your Firing Illegal?

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Understand wrongful employment termination? Do you think that your firing was legal? Here's what you need to know to avoid or review wrongful termination. May 09,  · Wrongful termination is difficult to prove, because most states have an "at will" policy when it comes to employment.

Under this policy, either the employee or the employer may terminate Under this policy, either the employee or the employer may 93%(). Information on wrongful termination, the reasons that are considered wrongful termination, and what to do if you have been unfairly discharged from a job.

It is illegal to violate public policy when firing a worker—that is, to fire for reasons that society recognizes as illegitimate grounds for termination. Before a wrongful termination claim based on a violation of public policy will be allowed, most courts require that there be some specific law setting out the policy.

Wrongful termination describes a situation in which an employee has been terminated from his job, and the termination breaches terms of his employment contract, or is otherwise not in accordance with state or federal employment laws.

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Wrongful termination
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